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Roy Delgado is a self-taught artist, originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico.  He makes unique, handcrafted pieces mixing Caribbean nostalgia with a modern sensibility.


After studying film and psychology in college, Roy moved to New York where he worked as a set designer for fashion shoots; working on campaigns for well-known brands and fashion magazines, including Vogue Italia and Interview Magazine.


Moving back to Puerto Rico in 2014, he helped conceptualize and design restaurants for Cocina Abierta, Asere Cubano Kitchen and El Livin in collaboration with designer Sylvia De Marco.


TROPICAL DEPRESSION grew out of the necessity to create singular, handcrafted décor for spaces he was helping design and conceptualize. It slowly morphed into a project focused on making carefully designed pieces inspired by architecture, art, nature and experiences from the island.


Roy has also collaborated with other Puerto Rican artists such as Buscabulla, for which he directed and produced their music video, Sono.  

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